Work With Me

I'm a Spiritual Guide, Metaphysical Coach and Tarot Reader.

I work with women just like you. Women who are standing smack-dab in the middle of a major crossroad in their lives. 

Whether you're on the precipice of making a big decision but need support, guidance, and practical advice to make the leap into the unknown, or you've already undergone a significant life change and have no idea what comes next -- I can help.


Here are the ways we can work together.


You're looking for support, guidance, and encouragement as you search for clarity, renewed focus, and inspiration. You're eager for concrete suggestions on the way your path is unfolding. You want advice you can immediately apply toward your next steps.

A tarot reading can help you understand your inner landscape. Far from being "woo-woo", the tarot cards reflect back to you the hidden topography of your psyche. Much like a Rorschach test, tarot symbolism serves as a launching point for self-discovery and says so much about your true personality, how you see yourself, and the way you walk through the world. With this newfound knowledge, you can leverage the universal archetypal energy in your life to greet every day as the most authentic version of yourself.

Keep an open mind, and grant yourself the gift of a personalized tarot reading. You'll receive so much more than a custom video (though yes, you'll get that too!). But you'll also find:

  • A portal to your own intuition.
  • A burst of inspiration.
  • Unexpected creative sparks.
  • Breakthroughs in areas you've been stuck for far too long.
  • A new way to look at your life, your current environment, and your future.
  • Specific guidance on your self-development path.
  • Ideas for moving forward in a way that feels authentic to you.

I offer a variety of readings, from short-and-sweet to deeply insightful. Choose the one that's right for you at this time.

BREAK THROUGH BLOCKS IN a coaching session

You want to talk to someone who understands you, who's dealt with similar issues, who really gets it -- and gets you. You want to brainstorm, feel listened to, be heard and understood. But you also want to be challenged, and you want to hear fresh perspectives on the dilemmas you're facing.

I consider coaching to be a powerful, intimate, and sacred relationship. As your coach, I bring all of myself to every session. I will listen to you, believe in you, and be committed to your ongoing success. I'll also make requests (including assigning homework), acknowledge your wins, and guarantee utmost confidentiality.

A coaching session can include metaphysical tools (tarot cards, crystal energy, meditations, etc.), but doesn't have to. We'll only work with those elements to which you feel most drawn.

Opt for a coaching session if:

  • You want a live discussion where you get my undivided attention.
  • You're lacking support in your everyday life, and tackling your issues on your own feels overwhelming.
  • You're ready to make concrete changes in your life to get to where you want to be.
  • You want to get clear on what you can do to push through your current issues and come through stronger than ever.
  • You'd like "homework" (action items you can apply immediately after the session) and accountability, so you can finally get on the path to reaching your big goals.

choose to Bloom and reawaken your soul's identity

You've spent your entire life taking care of other people. You're been a loving daughter, a loyal wife, a selfless mother, a supportive sister, a giving friend. But if someone were to ask you, "Hey, darlin', who are you, REALLY?", you'd freeze.

You've clung to your roles like a lifeline, because you've used them to define yourself for so long. But there comes a point when identifying who you are simply by your role is no longer enough. 

You feel it, deep in your soul: that need for something else, something more, something viscerally meaningful.

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself a question that sounded a lot like these?

  • Who am I, really? Not as my role - wife, mother, daughter, friend - but in my soul.
  • And if I can no longer define myself by my role, then where does that leave me?
  • What’s my purpose here? What am I meant to do with this one life I’ve been given?
  • Why does everyone else seem to have it all figured out but me?

If you're still looking for answers, I invite you to delve into your inner landscape and play with a variety of creative and spiritual techniques in this in-depth 3-month program custom designed just for you.

If you're looking for unconditional support, guidance, and plenty of creative and spiritual play time, you've come to the right place.