My programs, products and services blend unconventional approaches with practical, results-focused prosperity techniques.

I can help you do the inner (mental and emotional), outer (material and practical), and shadow (spiritual) work necessary to break out of the scarcity loop and shatter the prosperity blocks that have been holding you back. Empowered in this way, you'll be able to reshape your mindset, bust through limitations, and manifest your financial goals like the unstoppable force of nature you were born to be!


prosperity shifts

a tarot-driven launching pad for identifying and beginning to break through the resistance, blocks, and obstacles standing in the way of your financial success — all in a short and powerful package.

You’re feeling stuck, blocked, and frustrated. Why aren’t you earning more money from your job or business, despite working until your eyes blur and your fingertips turn numb? The traditional methods for increasing your income and your lifestyle haven’t worked, so you’re ready to give something else a try.

Working with me isn’t like hiring a financial advisor or investment analyst. We won’t be talking about your 401K or diving into your last tax return (if you enjoy that kind of torture, I have a great accountant I can refer you to).

We will, however, be diving deep into your mindset, limiting beliefs, and the resistance you feel when it comes to money: talking about it, earning it in a way that feels good, and keeping it once it lands in your pocket.

Through the use of tarot archetypes and universal themes that tap into the complete human experience, you’ll receive clarity, key strategies, and practical action steps that are crucial to building the kind of prosperity that will give the freedom you deserve.

Are you ready to figure out what’s holding you back and start working toward earning what you deserve?


prosperous pursuits

a custom 30-day action plan that will shift your mindset from scarcity to abundance—fast.

You’re trying to start a business, get a promotion, or find a job that will finally pay what you deserve. In your efforts to earn more, you've done all the right things: you’ve read the books, taken the online classes and filled out the worksheets. Still, you're not seeing the results you crave. You’re frustrated and overwhelmed, and your bank account is weeping right along with you. So you think that perhaps you just need one more course on marketing your business through social media. One more book on how to interview better. One more degree that will give you the legitimacy you believe others need to see in order to take you seriously, and pay you more.

Here's the kicker, though. You ready?

You already have all the information you could possibly want. In fact, you have way more than you need.

What's missing isn't a key nugget of enlightenment that will suddenly blind you with the light of your own "a-ha" moment.

What you need is a plan. A strategy. A step-by-step system that will pave the way from scarcity to abundance.

Are you to build a 30-day custom blueprint that will show you exactly what you need to do to get closer to your goals?