As a Spiritual mentor, I Offer guidance through
1-on-1 tarot readings and Transformation bundles.

I work with women just like you. Women who are standing smack-dab in the middle of a major crossroad in their lives. 

Whether you're on the precipice of making a big decision but need support, guidance, and practical advice to make the leap into the unknown, or you've already undergone a significant life change and have no idea what comes next -- I can help.

Once again you express and specify in words what I couldn’t or didn’t want to... There is so much truth in your readings.
— Michelle

Tarot reading
Tap into universal guidance

You're looking for support, guidance, and encouragement as you search for clarity, renewed focus, and inspiration. You're eager for concrete suggestions on the way your path is unfolding. You want advice you can immediately apply toward your next steps. 

A tarot reading can help you understand your inner landscape. Far from being "woo-woo", the tarot cards reflect back to you the hidden topography of your psyche. Much like a Rorschach test, tarot symbolism serves as a launching point for self-discovery and says so much about your true personality, how you see yourself, and the way you walk through the world. With this newfound knowledge, you can leverage the universal archetypal energy in your life to greet every day as the most authentic version of yourself.

Keep an open mind, and grant yourself the gift of a personalized tarot reading. You'll receive so much more than a custom video (though yes, you'll get that too!). But you'll also find:

  • A portal to your own intuition.
  • A burst of inspiration.
  • Unexpected creative sparks.
  • Breakthroughs in areas you've been stuck for far too long.
  • A new way to look at your life, your current environment, and your future.
  • Specific guidance on your self-development path.
  • Ideas for moving forward in a way that feels authentic to you.

All readings are roughly 1 hour (60 minutes) delivered via video. I'll greet you, address your specific question submitted upon receipt of payment, give you a quick breakdown of the deck I'll be using for you, then dive deep into the reading. In addition to the video recording of your reading, I'll also provide you with a custom PDF that includes high resolution photos, a summary of the messages that came through the reading, and action steps for you to implement going forward. Additionally, I'll check in with you again a month post reading to see how you're progressing and offer further assistance.


So if you are...

  • having difficulty with a specific issue...
  • feeling stuck and are unsure which direction to go...
  • looking for loving support as well as a dose of actionable strategy...
  • eager to get practical suggestions they can apply to their next steps...
  • willing to hear a different viewpoint...
  • open to unconventional methods of discovery...

...Welcome. I've been waiting for you.

Everything that you said in the reading is correct... you covered all the topics that I have been thinking of lately and given me some great advice on how to move forward.
— Eleanor

Multi-Passionate Renegade
How to Live a Commitment-Free Life

Are you restless, deep in your soul? Do you have a slew of passions, interests, and hobbies you'd like to pursue -- but you have no idea which one to focus on first, or how to get them all done? Are you envious of those people who knew what they wanted to be when they grew up -- and it was something with an easy to understand label, like doctor or lawyer, while you dreamed of being a ballerina/superhero/mom/archeologist/painter/chef/marine biologist?

You are not alone.
What you are is multi-passionate.

You are infinitely curious about the world around you. Your deepest passion is learning and experimenting. You want to try everything that appeals to you, and the idea of "niching down" or specializing in one single thing makes you cringe.

If this aspect of yourself has ever made you feel like you're flighty, flaky, or worst of all, lazy (nothing could be further from the truth!), the Multi-Passionate Renegade Transformation Bundle is a 3-month intensive deep-dive process of self-discovery that will help you uncover how to turn your expansive curiosity into your greatest asset.