Individual tarot readings are my passion.

These intensely personal sessions are all about discovery and guidance, not divination (no Miss Cleo here!).

The recorded sessions are approximately one hour - the actual video reading ranges from about 45 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes, depending on how the messages present themselves and how much I have to share.

(Please note that if you are local, I'm also available for in-person readings. The length of time and fee structure are the same as for my video readings.)

The more information you can provide me with before we get started, the better. Although I can do general readings (i.e. “What do I need to know right now?” or “What should I focus on over the next year?”), I find that the more specific my understanding of your circumstances, the better and more helpful the reading.

So go ahead, tell me as much as you'd like about what brought you here.

Based on the information you provide, I'll create a custom tarot spread to use in your reading.

What sort of information should you provide?
Here are a few examples:

Your career dilemma.

Your struggles with creative block.

Your parenting journey.

Your repeated attempts (and failures) to get healthy and fit.

Your unexpected cross-country move and all the feels that come along with that.

You have given me not only a bit more clarity and truth about myself, but so much hope and positivity for the year ahead and the changes I need to make. Thank you for your proactive steps for where I can go to from here. This has been an extraordinarily positive experience, I can’t thank you enough.
— Diane

I find myself particularly receptive to clients moving through difficulty or major transition.


Folks who are:

• having difficulty with a specific issue.

• feeling stuck and are unsure which direction to go.

• looking for loving support as well as a dose of actionable strategy.

• eager to get practical suggestions they can apply to their next steps.

• willing to hear a different viewpoint.

• open to unconventional methods of discovery.

Pricing: $62 USD

Thank you so so much for my reading. I have watched it 10 times over and had a good cry and taken some time to have a think about what you said.
— R.W.

I strongly believe that a tarot reading is the beginning, not the end of the work.

After you purchase, I will email you within 24 hours to discuss the details of your situation. After that, you'll get your recorded reading in approximately 5 business days.

All readings are delivered via link to a private video that only you have access to.

In each video, I'll greet you, address your specific circumstances, give you a quick breakdown of the deck and crystals I'll be using for you, then dive deep into the reading. In addition to the video recording of your reading, I'll also provide you with a custom PDF that includes high resolution photos, a summary of the messages that came through the reading, and action steps for you to implement going forward. Additionally, I'll check in with you again a month post reading to see how you're progressing and offer further assistance. I never want you to feel as though I'm throwing information at you and then leaving you high-and-dry. A reading is always a collaborative process, whether or not you're physically in the room with me at the time.

Are you ready for universal guidance?

Thank you SO MUCH for my reading. It was exactly what I wanted... The concern you expressed for me during the reading tells me a lot about you as a person, and I do appreciate it.
— Mary Ellen
OCTOBER SPECIAL: "Face Your Fears" Tarot Reading
53.00 62.00

Can you think of October without conjuring images of cute little ghouls and goblins, fake vampire teeth and scary movies hitting the box-office? I sure can’t. Although October is the second month of autumn, with all the benefits of apple picking, crisp air, and changing leaves, Halloween is really the main event — even though we have to wait right up until the end of the month to get to it.

Halloween brings with it the element of fear. Some of it is the kind of skin-crawling, hair-raising, all-encompassing terror we find in haunted houses and while watching horror movies. But there’s another type of fear, and it’s even scarier. This is the type of fear that’s pervasive and insidious, the kind that creeps into your psyche and lurks there year-round.

I’m talking about the kind of fears that hold you back in your everyday life. Stuff like:

  • Being afraid to start a new business.

  • Feeling terrified of public speaking.

  • Shaking in your boots when you consider asking for a raise.

  • Fearing not fitting in.

  • Having nightmares about failing at something important.

You know these fears. They’re much scarier than any Hollywood monster. The good news is that they’re also (just like that villain in the rubber costume) absolutely able to be defeated.

You, too, can be the hero of your own story and slay those fears one by one.

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