Hi! I’m Elizabeth.


I’m the creator of the Intuitive Path Method.

I’m on a mission to transform restless spiritual seekers into clear-sighted intuitives who naturally access their wisdom and guidance.

Just because you've stopped hearing the voice of your intuition doesn't mean it's not screaming at you.


You catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, and for a fleeting moment, a cascade of questions barrels through your mind:

  • Do I even know who I am anymore?

  • What do I even REALLY want?

  • Is it too late for me?

  • Is my life ever going to feel good again?

  • Why am I so restless?


The questions seem frivolous, so you hide your frustration around the edges of caretaking and work. And still, they keep coming up.

The frustration turns to resentment.

Resentment turns to anger.

And as you remind yourself once again of all the things you have to be grateful for, you feel even worse. Because from the outside, your life looks enviable.

On the inside, though, your thoughts swirl in a mire of confusion. You spiral through a myriad of emotions--often before you even get out of bed: apathy, self-doubt, anxiety, worry, aimlessness, and longing.


Oh, so much longing.


It's as though your soul's trying to send you a message with the pangs of yearning and desire.

But you have responsibilities. People who depend on you. Little mouths to (quite literally) feed. You can't possibly afford to spend time, energy and money on figuring out not just what's missing but how you can reclaim your dreams.


I'm here to tell you that you can't afford NOT to.


How do I know this?


Because I had the same questions. The same restlessness. The same low-grade frustration running through my days.

You see, I spent a couple of decades chasing someone else's idea of success. I had a high-powered corporate career—window office overlooking the noisy highway and all. I worked 80-hour weeks, writing government proposals for a construction company by day, and then came home and wrote some more. I had a side gig as a romance novelist, telling stories that would make the author of 50 Shades of Grey turn fifty shades of scarlet.

I was happy, though, wasn't I?

I had everything I thought I wanted. I was highly successful in two different careers simultaneously, my marriage was solid, and I owned a house. I had even managed to pay off my mortgage before I turned 35. I mean, if that's not happiness, then what is?

Yet I couldn't shake the deep-seated longing that shadowed my days.

I knew, at my core, that this wasn't the life I was meant to lead.

But I also believed that my value inherently lay in what I did for a living. That my job title was a direct reflection of who I was as a human being. And that the harder I worked, the more successful I'd become.

It wasn't until I gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl in 2014 and found myself in the grip of post-partum depression that I realized I had to make a choice.

I had to change my concept of what constitutes a good life. More importantly, I realized that definition couldn't come from someone else. I had to create my own. The alternative would be to wander through my days in a daze of dismay and confusion, a soul-deep restlessness I knew would never go away on its own.

So I did what every good life-long learner does. I bought all the books I could get my hands on. Heavy tomes with titles like I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was and Awakening to Your Life's Purpose. And those were wonderful — truly, they were. But I couldn't apply the knowledge I gathered. Something was still missing.

So then I did what every good millennial does. I turned to the Internet. I bought online courses, attended webinars, took digital workshops. I learned a ton! And still… I was no closer to identifying the source of my frustration, which meant my restlessness only grew more tumultuous and pressing.


I had to quiet the external voices, to hear the only one that mattered: my own.


In a moment of deep dismay, I grabbed my trusty deck of tarot cards. They'd been my on-and-off companions since high school, but I'd never put much stock in them as anything other than a fun distraction.

I turned off all the noise, sat on the floor, and dealt myself a spread.

With every card I flipped over, the sensory information came in hard and fast. I was so used to listening to my logical brain that, at first, I couldn't make sense of all the visceral hits I was getting. I fixated on colours, and became engrossed in a specific symbol. I heard birdsong in the middle of winter. My ears rang. A tingle ran down my left leg.

Every one of those sensations was my intuition trying desperately to get my attention.

Over the weeks that followed, I began to see all of me reflected in those cards: my hopes, dreams, and deepest desires. The yearnings I hadn't dared voice. The personality traits that kept me small and stuck in my comfort zone. I saw my role as mother and wife. I glimpsed my potential to be a writer, a teacher, a designer, and a mentor. I discovered my spiritual seeker side and confirmed my propensity for storytelling. I learned I was a guide and a strategist and that my potential was so much more enormous than I'd ever imagined.

I wish I could tell you that once I learned to speak the language of my soul, everything just came together seamlessly. It didn't. At least, not at first.


Even once I understood what my inner wisdom was saying, I had trouble trusting it.


I was deeply mired in my fears, doubts, and this awful feeling that I'd never be good enough. So I ignored my intuition in favour of the practical, the logical, the proven.

You see, my intuition kept telling me I needed to paint. It was so much more than a goal or a wish -- it was a soul-deep longing that made my knees quake. I kept envisioning myself in a studio, surrounded by large canvases where I'd blissfully bring portraits to life on a canvas.

Yet the whole idea of seeing myself as a visual artist was downright absurd! I'd never painted anything in my life. I'd gotten D's in my high school art classes when I was otherwise a straight-A student. No way could I paint. I couldn't even draw!

My intuition had to be wrong. It just had to.

Maybe I was misreading the signs, misinterpreting the symbols, misunderstanding the messages.

Yet, the desire to paint wouldn't ebb. If anything, it only grew stronger. I ignored it for as long as I could. While doing so, I once again looked outside of myself for answers. I saw a therapist, read dozens of books, listened to podcasts, and attended countless talks given by experts in their fields.

Then the dreams started.

No longer content to deliver subtle messages while I journaled or pulled tarot cards, my subconscious began delivering the same recurring dream. Me, in a large studio on the edge of an aquamarine body of water. Sunlight streaming through the windows and making fresh paint glisten on the canvas.

I remember waking up one more feeling like I'd explode if I put this off any longer. I knew I had to dip my icy feet into the creative expression river, but that didn't mean I had to paint.

In fact, I resolved I wouldn't paint. No way, no how.

So I scrapbooked instead. Very quickly, I realized that scrapbooking wasn't about making pretty layouts. For me, it was yet one more way to get in touch with my intuition. The act of intentional creativity transformed scrapbooking into a form of gratitude journaling, a way to slow my life down and appreciate its beauty amid sleepless nights with a young child.

I knew my unique take on scrapbooking would be valuable to fellow mamas, so I started a YouTube channel that grew quickly.

With every layout, my artistic soul fluttered to life, but something was still missing. I tried making jewelry and creating cards, and while I enjoyed those activities, I needed to paint.

It me took years before I finally got the courage to enrol in my first online art course. I was utterly terrified. My palms were sweating. My hands were shaking. I vividly remember turning on the computer and spending a few hours painting the most horrible painting imaginable.

That afternoon, I walked away elated. My soul had come home.


Since then, I've taught dozens of women to activate their intuitive knowing.


But just as important as learning to hear the voice of your inner wise woman is learning to trust her. Even when (especially when) what she tells you makes you break out in a cold sweat.

I want you to know this: You can pull yourself out of the abyss of uncertainty and frustration. And you can do it without taking on a new belief system or making radical lifestyle changes.

I can help you live more from the heart of who you already are - your essential self.

My process involves three core elements:

  • Spiritual Connection (self-discovery through learning to speak the language of your subconscious)

  • Creative Expression (finding your unique way to bring what's on the inside out)

  • Everyday Alchemy (creating an environment that supports your soul's evolution)

Are you ready to carve your own path rather than following someone else's blueprint?

Let's get started.

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