Soul Guidance

Soul Guidance


Let’s pretend I’m your BFF (because for the duration of this soul guidance session, that’s exactly who I’ll be—your bestie, confidante, and cheerleader all rolled into one.) You’re sitting on a comfy couch, wrapped in a cozy blanket, sipping your favourite beverage from a cup that says “YOU GOT THIS!” on the side and shows a cute illustration of a cat about to pounce on a moose.

“What’s going on?” I ask.

And you tell me.

I listen, then I start shuffling. The cards spread out in a colourful array on the table between us, offering a dazzling reflection of your inner world. There’s insight, guidance, and advice aplenty. More importantly, every word is practical and immediately applicable to your situation.

Are you ready to delve deep into what’s been going on?

Me too.

Let’s do this.

P.S. I meant it when I asked you to talk to me like you’d talk to your Bestie. The more of the lowdown you can give me, the clearer and more helpful the guidance you’ll receive will be. So go ahead, spill it all in the form on the next page (after you ‘add to cart’). I guarantee you 100% confidentiality and an absolute judgement-free zone.

If I have follow-up questions, I’ll definitely be in touch via email.

I’ll pull out the most pertinent details of your story and I’ll create a custom tarot spread to use in your session.

What sort of things can you tell me about? Here are just a few examples:

  • Your career issues with the overbearing, demanding boss.

  • Your struggles with creative block, and the fact that you haven’t touched your novel in a year.

  • Your parenting fears. (No, your kid won’t need therapy because you made him put away his own laundry.)

  • Your repeated attempts (and failures) to get healthy and fit, resulting in that gym membership card gathering lint in your back pocket.

  • Your unexpected cross-country move and all the feels (and broken dishes) that come along with that.

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What Happens Next

Within 24 hours: I’ll acknowledge receipt of your order, and ask any follow-up questions I might have.

Within 5 business days: I'll design a custom tarot spread and conduct a tarot reading, which I will film and narrate as though you were in the room with me. This approach will give you further clarity and insight into some of the deeper issues at play. We'll tackle energy blocks, limiting beliefs, as well as bright spots in your life. Then you'll receive your private video reading (of approximately 60 minutes) via email. You'll have access to the reading at any time, so you can re-watch it and take notes as often as you'd like.

In addition to the video recording of your reading, I'll also send over a custom PDF chock full of high resolution photos, a summary of the messages that came through the reading, and action steps for you to implement going forward. 

As well, I'll check in with you again a month after the reading to see how you're doing. I mean, what kind of crappy BFF would I be if I left you high and dry, right? A soul guidance session is always a collaborative process, whether or not you're physically in the room with me at the time. (Though I promise, we won’t be reenacting the end scene from Thelma and Louise anytime soon).

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