Prosperity Shift

Prosperity Shift


In this intense and powerful exploratory session, I’ll help you investigate what's keeping you from achieving your prosperity goals based on your specific and unique circumstances. I’ll also provide you with a series of practical action steps that will get you started on breaking through those blocks.

Please note that you will receive a recorded video and a PDF document containing personalized guidance. This is not a live, one-on-one session. (See below for more information on exactly what to expect.)

After You Order

Within 24 hours: I’ll acknowledge receipt of your Prosperity Shift order, and ask you a series of questions about your relationship with money, your money mindset, and your money stories. Please rest assured, I have no interest in the amount of money you make, so that's not the kind of information you'll ever need to give me.

Within 5 business days of receiving your responses: I'll design a custom tarot spread based entirely on your specific circumstances and select a few specific crystals to harness the energy that will help provide the most accurate and helpful insights. I’ll then conduct the Prosperity Shift session, which I will film and narrate as though you were in the room with me. We'll tackle energy blocks, limiting beliefs, mindset shifts, as well as bright spots in your financial life.

You'll receive your private video (of approximately 60 minutes) via email. You'll have access to the exploratory session at any time, so you can re-watch it and take notes as often as you'd like.

In addition to the video recording, I'll also send over a custom PDF chock full of high resolution photos, a summary of the insights gained during the session, and action steps for you to implement going forward. 

By purchasing, you confirm that you have read and agree to my Policies and Ethics.

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