Policies and Ethics



My passion is helping women who have reached a major crossroads in their lives. Women just like you.

My purpose is to guide you along your own personal journey. I aim to hold your hand while you discover your own life path, your ultimate purpose, and connect with your highest source of creative guidance, inspiration, and personal expression.

I ask that you read the statements outlined below before you choose to work with me. I want to make sure our beliefs align so that we can both have a positive experience as we work together.



  • I deliver readings within 5 business days of your purchase date. If, for some reason, I can't hold to that timeline, I'll let you know as soon as possible. If I can't deliver your reading within 10 business days, I will provide a full refund AND your completed reading.


  • I offer a full refund on your reading at any time before I deliver your completed reading. Once I've done the work, there will be no refunds for any reason. You are paying for my time, knowledge, insight, and expertise. I dedicate myself entirely to you for the duration of the reading (plus the time it takes to set up, edit, and upload the video). Please respect my time and energy as I respect yours.


  • Clarifying on the above, I cannot offer refunds on a reading if you're dissatisfied with the messages within. I can't promise to tell you what you want to hear, but I can guarantee that all the insights are deliver are meant for you and you alone. They're always offered with kindness, and meant for your highest good.



  • I am not a psychic, medium, or fortuneteller, and do not claim to be any of those. Please don't book a reading so I can tell you your future or contact the dead; it's just not going to happen.


  • I do not answer yes/no questions, or questions about timing (when something will happen). Those types of questions deal with absolutes and knowledge of the future -- which (see above) I don't have.


  • All information you share with me will always be kept in the strictest confidence.


  • I will not offer readings to anyone under the age of eighteen, even with parental permission. 


  • My gifts lie in working specifically with women. I have a wealth of experience working with women's issues, and I believe that's where my talents are. Having said that, I do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender identity. If you don't identify as female but still want a reading from me, you're welcome to purchase one - just please know that my readings are very much guided by the divine feminine, and any messages that come truth will likely be slanted in that direction.


  • I cannot answer medical or legal questions. Those require a level of expertise I'm not comfortable offering.


  • Likewise, I cannot offer any financial advice or specifically tell you what to do with your money. I can, however, help you clear money blocks and shift your money mindset.


  • I will not read for a third party. If you think someone else would benefit from a reading, please have her or him purchase one. You may also gift a reading (just make that clear in the comments box when you purchase, and we'll go from there.) 


  • Similar to the above, I can't tell you what someone else is thinking or feeling. I refuse to delve into the psyche of someone who hasn't consented to it. So please don't ask why your boyfriend broke up with you, why your boss fired you, or why your sister won't speak to you. I can, however, help you address all of these issues from YOUR perspective - by diving into how YOU feel about the breakup, the loss of the job, and your relationship with your sister.


  • I consider myself a spiritual mentor and coach. I am not a licensed therapist. My readings and sessions are not meant to be used as a replacement for medical care, medication, or any prescribed therapy. Please follow the advice of your healthcare professional when dealing with any health problems.


  • I am not responsible for any decisions you make after working with me. Your fate is in your own hands, and you are the only one responsible for your life choices.


  • Above all, please know that all my readings are intended to be unconditionally supportive, encouraging, and empowering. I always aim to give you strategies and suggestions you can implement so that you can connect with your intuition, tap into your personal power, and make the best decisions as you move forward on your authentic path.