Bloom: A Custom Identity Framework Program

Do you remember who you were before you became everything to everyone else?

Do you avert your gaze when you walk past a mirror in a department store? Maybe you tell yourself it's because you don't want to be reminded of your bad hair day, or the makeup you didn't have time to touch up before leaving the house. But deep inside, you know that's not it at all.

At some point, you simply stopped looking -- because when you did, you didn't recognize yourself anymore.

That disconnect you feel isn't about your appearance. It's about not knowing who you are. It's about being so far removed from your soul's identity that it's like looking into the eyes of a stranger.

What if you could change that? What if you could boldly stare at yourself in the next mirror you pass and see your true, authentic self staring back at you? This is a woman who carries herself with confidence, because she knows exactly who she is. She introduces herself without hesitation. She's tranquil and  composed as she describes what she does, where she's heading, and the purposeful path she follows every day.

She sounds incredible, doesn't she? She should - because she's YOU.


Who were you before you transformed into the person the world wanted you to be?

Once upon a time — long before you became someone's wife, mother, employee, or caretaker — you had dreams, passions, and more goals than you knew what to do with. You were creative, spontaneous, bold. You danced under the moonlight to music only you could hear, and you drew whimsical scenes boasting purple skies and neon orange blades of grass.

You were going to be a ballerina, a painter, a singer, an actress - or all of these at once.

Then you grew up. Or rather, you were told to "grow up, be practical, settle down." And you did. You found your key roles, settled into a comfortable groove, and did the things you were expected to do. You were an amazing wife, a loving mother, a wonderful daughter, a dedicated employee.

Your creative dreams flickered in and out for a while, and then they faded. Who had time to keep the spark alive? Not you. You were too busy working, cooking, cleaning, chauffeuring.  

But at least you knew who you were. Right?

You were...

  • A carefree bachelorette.
  • A stay-at home mom.
  • An army wife.
  • A twin sister.
  • Employee of the year.
  • A PTA volunteer.
  • Member of the Board of Directors.

And then, one or more of these roles suddenly shifted. Maybe you had a baby. Perhaps your kids left home. Or your spouse tragically passed away. Maybe your sister moved half-way across the world. Or you got laid off from a company you'd been with 20 years. Perhaps your children graduated. Or the non-profit organization to which you were so dedicated disbanded.

Whatever that shift looked like for you, one thing suddenly became clear: you were in transition. And nothing was going to be the same again.

That identity you clung to so tightly no longer fit, and you felt lost, uncertain, hopeless, frustrated, incomplete.

"Did I change?" you wondered. "Or did the whole world just tilt on its axis? And if I am no longer a socialite/stay-at-home-mom/wife/accountant -- then who am I?"

There comes a point when defining yourself by your role is no longer enough. You feel it, deep in your soul: that need for something else, something more, something viscerally meaningful.


When you dig deep to discover who you really are - not your role, but in your soul - the world rights itself again.

Bloom: Creating Your Identity Framework has helped my clients to:

  • Recalibrate their unique identity blueprint.
  • Establish a strong sense of self.
  • Develop a daily creative practice.
  • Begin or re-establish a meaningful spiritual practice.
  • Create sacred self-care rituals.
  • Build self-worth and confidence.
  • Explore a new career path.
  • Figure out how to raise a family without losing themselves in the process.
  • Re-enter the dating world.
  • Find clarity, meaning, and a sense of purpose.
  • Learn how to identify, trust, and strengthen their intuition.
  • Develop skills to get unstuck.
  • Establish a solid understanding of what comes next.
  • Develop a roadmap pointing to a new destination, and write an instruction booklet on how to get there.

Are you ready to find out where it will take you?

Bloom is for you if you're ready to:

  • Explore your inner landscape, which may mean taking a long and intense look at areas you've been avoiding.
  • Play with a variety of creative techniques to discover your preferred methods of self-expression.
  • Delve into a spiritual practice that works with your unique values and beliefs.
  • Unravel the power of your subconscious, intuition, and creativity.
  • Discover your life purpose using an unconventional approach.

Bloom is NOT for you if you're not:

  • Open to alternative spiritual practices (which may include guided meditation, tarot, crystals, and work with Goddess energy and the divine feminine).
  • Willing to engage in artistic play.

This program is systematic and completely customized to YOU.

Over a period of 3 months, we'll meet every 2 weeks over Skype, Zoom, on the phone, or in person (if you're local) for 60-minute sessions. 

Here's what you'll get:

  • A baseline assessment: This will give us both an understanding of your former passions, forgotten dreams, and long-buried obsessions.
  • A wealth of creative and spiritual exercises: We'll mine your past experiences for nuggets you can use as stepping stones to develop your meaningful self-expression practice.
  • Unconditional support: I'll listen to your wants, needs, and deepest desires. I'll champion your personal discovery process in order to help you create a roadmap to a path that's 100% authentically yours.
  • Session recordings: You'll receive a recording of each session, so you can listen to our discussions as often as you'd like and mine the audio for quotes, tips, advice, suggestions, and your own personal a-ha moments.
  • Custom assignments: At the end of each 60-minute session, I'll send you an assignment specifically created just for you.
  • Unrestricted email access to me: In between sessions, I'm available to you via email for an unlimited number of questions, ongoing discussions, and further clarification at any time.
  • Additional custom resources: Every two weeks, you'll receive one additional piece of supplementary content I create just for you (like a guided meditation, a tarot reading, a customized tarot spread, etc.) to support you in your magical journey every step of the way. That's a total of six custom pieces over the course of the program!
  • A lovingly packaged material gift: At some point during the program, you'll find a surprise in your physical mailbox. (This is such a joy for me - I LOVE picking out or creating a present for you!)

At the end of our first three months together, you'll have the option to move into Maintenance Mode so you can continue to receive the support and guidance that will serve you best as you walk your newly defined path.

“You must go on adventures to find out where you belong.” ― Sue Fitzmaurice

INVESTMENT: $1,479 for the entire 3-month program
Monthly payment plan available: $493 per month

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