I believe…

...we are worth so much more than the number in our bank account would have us believe.

…in the wisdom of the feminine.

…cookie-cutter “how to make more money” techniques aren’t cutting it in 2019.

...your intuition is your internal GPS; follow it, and you'll never get lost again.

...being prosperous doesn't mean being rich.

...there are so many things to feel guilty about; going after your dreams should never be one of them.

...in doing the work.

You Believe…

… you’re undervalued, underpaid, and under-appreciated.

… it’s so much easier for everyone else to make money.

… hard work is supposed to lead to a fat pay check (so why is it that it doesn’t?)

… in a tiny dash of magic, woo-woo, and a sprinkling of unconventional wisdom.

…you are in full control of your life.

…you hold the power to change your circumstances—you just need some help to figure out how.

Let’s face it: you've read the books, taken the online classes and filled out every last worksheet you could find on how to earn what you’re worth. Yet something’s missing. The information’s there, in that sexy big brain of yours, but it’s not coming together the way you’d hoped it would. Whether you're struggling to afford the fancy crust on the pizza for your kid’s birthday party, still wearing clothes you bought during the Clinton administration because a wardrobe upgrade isn’t in your budget, or counting your pennies so you can save up for a down payment on your dream house, you've slammed up against 99 problems on the way to higher earnings, and “making money is way too easy!" ain't one of them.

Here's the kicker, though. You ready?

You already have all the information you could possibly want. In fact, you have way more than you need. 

What's missing isn't a key nugget of enlightenment that will suddenly blind you with the light of your own "a-ha" moment while you skip all the way to the bank.

What you need is an unconventional tool kit that will help you snap out of your well-honed way of looking at the world, your earning potential, and your own limitations.

How do I know this?

Because the same offbeat collection of tools, ranging from tarot cards to crystals and meditation, helped me leave behind the hustle-till-you-drop lifestyle so I could finally define my own version of a prosperous life.

You see, I spent a couple of decades chasing someone else’s idea of success. I had a high-powered corporate career—window office overlooking the noisy highway and all—that nearly killed me. I was working 80-hour weeks, writing government proposals for a construction company by day, and then coming home and falling into a fantasy world that required me to write some more. I had a side gig as a romance novelist, telling stories that would make the author of 50 Shades of Grey turn fifty shades of scarlet. And still, despite the never-ending hustle, I was a chronic under-earner. I was being paid much less than my male counterparts in the business world, and while my romance novels were selling to publishers, I could only count on a few dinners out a year from my royalty checks.

I was happy though, wasn’t I? If you’d asked me then, I would have grinned — a little maniacally, maybe, from exhaustion — and said, “of course!” I mean, I was working my butt off for meagre paychecks in not one, but two different careers at the same time. If that’s not happiness, then what is?

It wasn’t until my doctor gave me an ultimatum: quit the corporate grind or have a heart attack by 30; that I finally ditched the anxiety-producing day job. But then I threw myself wholeheartedly into the romance novelist career. I wrote between 12 and 16 books a year under various pen names, hoping the royalties would finally add up so I could pay the mortgage every single month, until I nearly killed myself all over again. If you’re starting to see a pattern developing, well, that about sums up my life up to that point.

I believed that the harder I worked, the more money I’d make.

Except, of course, prosperity doesn’t work that way. And neither does the world.

It took the birth of my baby girl, a heart-wrenching battle with postpartum depression, and a frantic turn to a diverse collection of esoteric tools and techniques to help me see that.

Having a newborn isn’t exactly conducive to writing a dozen books a year, and the loss of that career—the one I’d worked so incredibly hard to build—hit me like a diaper bag full of baby paraphernalia. (If you’ve ever had to carry one, you know those suckers are heavy!) I went from being a published author with an income that was finally growing, to becoming a mother. That new role was lovely and sweet, but my bank account was dwindling, and my growing financial dependence on my husband was making me profoundly uncomfortable. We all know mothers have the hardest job in the world, but it’s woefully undervalued. A recent survey determined that stay-at-home parents should be making at least $160,000, but until the housework fairy decides to pay us, well, we’re still responsible for putting Goldfish in our toddlers’ snack bags.

But how could I make a decent income if I no longer had the luxury of hustling like someone with no real responsibilities?

I had no idea, so I did what every good life-long learner does: I bought all the books I could get my hands on. I mean, I'd earned two university degrees in my early 20’s. I’ve got stuffing knowledge into my brain down to an art.

I clung on to every word of heavy tomes with titles like The Millionaire Fast Lane and The Science of Getting Rich. And those were wonderful — truly, they were. But I couldn’t apply the knowledge I gathered. Some of it simply didn’t apply to me, while the bits that did seemed so far out of reach. Something was still missing.

So then I did what every good millennial does. I turned to the Internet. I bought online courses, attended webinars, took digital workshops. I learned a ton! And still… I was no closer to figuring out how to earn a decent income without killing myself—or sacrificing my relationship with my family—in the process.

As my frustration grew, I turned to a tool that had been my on-and-off companion since high school: my well-worn deck of tarot cards.

I dealt myself a spread, and within the span of a few hours, a lightbulb had gone off. And then another, and another. My breath caught in my throat. My heartbeat quickened. I could see all of me reflected in that handful of cards: my hopes, my dreams, my deepest desires. The yearnings I hadn’t dared voice. The personality traits that kept me small and stuck in my comfort zone; the strongly-held beliefs that held me back from earning an income that would reflect my worth. I saw my roles as mother, wife, and worker-bee laid out plainly before me. I glimpsed my potential to be a prosperous artist, writer, teacher, and mentor. I discovered my spiritual seeker side, and confirmed my propensity for storytelling.

I learned I was a guide and a strategist, that I could become a creative entrepreneur and do it all in an unconventional way based entirely on trusting my intuition and my unique way of looking at the world. By the time I finished gathering insight, I had a varied and exciting list of ways to increase my income that I could apply immediately.

Whoa. All that from an afternoon spent with a deck of cards. 

I was instantly hooked. If I could get that much clarity from a single spread, what else could I accomplish by embracing even more unconventional tools?

As it turns out, a whole heck of a lot.

Today, I no longer work 80 hour weeks for a handful of dollars. Instead of a jarring alarm clock, I wake up to a little girl's eager face peering at me at 5am. And rather than rolling over with a groan, I’m delighted and excited to tackle the day. We head down to the kitchen together, where I make her breakfast, feed my 3 cats, and brew coffee for my husband and me. Once the kiddo is off to school, I turn my attention to working with inspiring, delightful women who are getting closer to reaching their own prosperity goals every single day. I am so grateful to be their guide as they navigate their career paths. I get to virtually hold their hands and cheer them on as they smash income goal after income goal, and shatter the earning barriers they’d never imagined overcoming.

I can help you do the same.

I’ll teach you how to use my collection of unconventional tools, techniques, and self-exploration exercises to break through your own income barriers, understand your value in the world, and get paid for your expertise.

To get the most out of working with me, all I ask is that you remain:

  • Aware that you are always in charge of your own life; you are not a victim of circumstances—you are a powerful being capable of incredible transformation.

  • Ready and willing to do the inner and outer work required to change your mindset and circumstances.

  • Open to confronting mild discomfort and fear of change.

  • Willing to experiment with various tools and techniques. This could include stuff like heart-felt journaling, various modes of artistic expression, tarot cards, archetypal work, and so much more! (Seriously, this is the fun part!)

Are you ready to finally earn what you’re worth?

Learn how we can work together.