you’re stuck in a scarcity loop.

You’re whirling around in circles, like a spin-top quivering on a child’s desk, knowing you’re just a moment away from toppling over for good. You work so damn hard for the money you make, yet earning good coin seems so much simpler for other people. Why is that? You know you’re ready to soar beyond your current reality, but moving on to the next level feels like trying to reach the moon without a rocket ship.

So you spin in place, wondering why you’re not actually moving forward, eager to get out of this tedious rut, all the while not realizing you're only digging yourself deeper. You know you’re worth so much more.

You’re underpaid, undervalued, and under-appreciated.

Yet the more you try to blast through the barriers of your current circumstances, the more frustrated you become with your lack of progress. The bevy of typical books, courses, and suggestions on increasing your income haven’t worked, because they all seem to recycle the same suggestions. Surely those must have worked for somebody, but you don’t want to sell flameless candles to your Facebook network, or list every one of your non-joy sparking belongings on Amazon.

And yet here's the thing—

"If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got."

Yes, it's a cliche for a reason. Because it's true.

What you need is a way to short-circuit the scarcity loop. To blast it out of its practiced paradigm.

You need a new means of thinking, a completely different approach, a strategy that perhaps you wouldn't have considered before finding your way here.

How about turning to a deck of tarot cards, a handful of crystals, and a guided meditation or two?

I know, I know... I might as well have handed you a bag of bowling balls and asked you to juggle. You’re surprised, confused, and maybe even a little scared. And depending on your beliefs, upbringing, and cultural principles, you may have a whole lot of combustible feelings about all of this.

But these techniques are simply tools - instruments used to perform a task, nothing more, nothing less. (No, they're not demon-summoned contrivances, here to steal your soul. Or so Beelzebub tells me.) The reason they work is because they help trigger a different way of thinking. For example, a simple tarot card can reflect back to you the hidden topography of your psyche. Not because it's magic, but because it's an incredible psychological tool. Much like a Rorschach test, tarot symbolism serves as a launching point for self-discovery and says so much about your true personality, how you see yourself, and the way you walk through the world.

My approach gets results precisely because it’s unexpected, unconventional, and contrary to most things you’ve tried in the past.

In other words, it’s just crazy enough to work.

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