Welcome. My name is Elizabeth.

I'm a Spiritual Mentor offering tarot readings and soul guidance; helping women navigate life's difficult transitions with clarity and grace.

I work with women just like you: women who've reached a crossroad in their lives. I can help you put your unique puzzle pieces together and build an identity blueprint that will help you discover yourself, find your soul-deep purpose, and live a rich and meaningful life.

 Are you ready to rediscover who you really are - aside from being everything to everyone else?


Tarot Readings

Break through the blocks that are holding you back. Discover a new way of looking at your life, your current environment, and your future. You'll achieve breakthroughs in areas where you've been stuck for way too long.



Dive deep into what it means to be multi-passionate, and discover how to set meaningful goals, how to combine your interests in your life and career, and how to live a rich and fulfilling multi-passionate life.


you know it’s time to take life by the horns
and put yourself in focus for a change.